Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Evening in Chiba Japan

The storm clouds finally cleared just before sunset today in Tokyo. Here are a few snapshots from the Makuhari Messe area in the region of Chiba outside of Tokyo. This is a very modern part of town with baseball stadium, convention center and numerous sky-scrapers.

This is the New Otani Hotel, where I am staying, with the Makuhari Prince hotel just behind it.

Here is another view of the New Otani (on right) from the convention center.

These landmark 35 story twin towers are the World Business Garden (WBG) towers, as viewed from the convention center.

This is the sunset view over Tokyo Bay from the 35th floor of the West WBG tower. The arching roof below is the convention center and with just an edge of the round baseball stadium visible at the far left side is the Chiba Marine Stadium.

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