Thursday, October 02, 2008

Akihabara "Electric Town"

While all the prototypes and vapor-ware from the big electronics show were starting to get tiring, I extended my diversion to Tokyo for lunch two extra stops on the train and decided a reality check was in order. I stopped at the Akihabara "Electric Town" area where there is an electronics flea-market every day of the year. Here you can build a new computer from scratch, buy the latest cell phone, personal navigator, pocket TV, or build a robot of your own from recycled parts if you are ambitious.

The view from the train station is colorful but even better viewed at night. There is more neon and blinking lights than Las Vegas. I was there mid-day so you'll have to come on your own to see it at night. Those glass tubes you see in the building above are quite common in the department stores and have escalators inside to take you to the upper floors.

Here is a cheerful parts vendor quite ready to sell you all the blinking LEDs, knobs and switches for that robot you always wanted to build.

I'm not exactly sure what these girls in maid outfits were selling, but the fine print on the sign reads: "Animation Studio and Maid Cafe".

There was a big "Yen Shop" on the corner. I suppose that's like a "penny-store" since one yen is about equal to one penny.

Another colorful street corner in Akihabara featuring Sega.

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