Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Back to Eldora

We missed out on our traditional Christmas Eve skiing this year. We were turned away after the lifts closed due to high winds that day. We returned a few days after Christmas and had a great day skiing.
Skiing Eldora
Here are 4/5ths of us at 10,800 feet ready to do another run.

Flirting with Chair 29
Becky, Colin and Austin on the Challenge lift, while Kenny and I overtook them from the Cannonball lift that runs parallel.

Extreme Terrain
I always liked the signs at Edora; no apologies for extreme terrain. All resorts have Black-diamonds, many have double-black diamonds, but few have skull & crossbones.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

98 degrees warmer!

Monday morning Denver set a new record for cold temperatures, -19F! The former record for Dec 15 was -6F. Brrr it was bitter cold and I had to drive to the airport for an early morning flight. The flight was delayed two hours because of frozen fuel lines on the catering trucks. By the time I arrived in Orlando later on Monday it was 98 degrees warmer than it was when I started. How do you dress for that?

Anyway, I took a lunch break from my meetings and took a walk along the beach.
Muffin Beach, Melbourne FL

But don't dare walk on this beach barefoot, unless you keep a look out where you step. I saw dozens of these little blue jellyfish, just washed up on the shore.
Blue Jellyfish (Physalia physalis)
It turns out this is a Portuguese Man o' War and according to the entry in Wikipedia, they are very venomous.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Webcam Postcard

Originally uploaded by D.Broberg
This postcard comes from my automated webcam which is looking west and happened to capture a colorful sunset.