Saturday, May 31, 2008

Copenhagen and Embarkation

We enjoyed our second day in Copenhagen with wonderful weather and more exploration. We first went to see the famous little mermaid statue and was disappointed by the low tide that allowed a mass of tourists to climb up her and pose for pictures. We waited about 20 minutes before I had a clear enough view for this snapshot.

From there we visited the Museum of Danish Resistance. This museum holds artifacts from WWII during Denmark’s captivity by the Nazis and describes the suffering and sabotage techniques used during that period.
Museum of Danish Resistance

Austin became our map reader and guide today as we walked another 10 miles around the old town area and explored some shopping and other famous sights.
map finders

We ended up at the Rosenborg Castle, which is well guarded keeping place for the crown jewels of Denmark. We toured the castle and got a close look at the spectacular crowns and other jewels of the monarchy.
Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Throne Room
This picture above shows the throne room in the castle that was occupied in the 17th century. The picture below shows a closer view of the throne of King Christian IX.
Danish Thrones

Crowns of Denmark
These are some of the close-up photos of the Danish crowns.

Finally, we boarded the Crown Princess and set out for our cruise from Denmark’s harbor. The last photo shows the view of a small ancient fortification in the harbor juxtaposed with the more modern wind turbines and the new bridge to Malmo in the far distance.
Copenhagen harbor

More pictures of Copenhagen are on the Flickr Slideshow.
Click the GPS-track-log to see a map of our walking tour.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Late Evening in Copenhagen

First we want everyone to know we are safe and left Iceland today just before the earthquake. If you haven’t heard, there was 6.2 earthquake just south of Reykjavik this afternoon. I forgot to mention in the previous entry that the area of Iceland south of Reykjavik to the Airport looks very much like the area of Craters-of-the-Moon in central Idaho. The bulging lava fields cover the landscape all the way to the shore. As we were riding the bus through that area today and saw the massive cracks in the surface, I wondered out loud how frequently they had earthquakes. Our flight departed on time at 1:15 PM local time.
Where are we
Where are we again?

Nyhavn Street
Ah, we are in Copenhagen.

Nyhavn Street South
Great views of the sidewalk cafes and ships on Nyhavn Street.
Nyhavn Street North

We had our only dinner in Copenhagen this evening after 9PM at one of those sidewalk cafes. The photo shows the wonderful grilled salmon from the Skipperkroen restaurant – about $50.
Grilled Salmon
We enjoyed some street musicians playing near the restaurant and you can see a 10 second clip below:

Amalienborg Palace
After dinner, we walked to the Amalienborg Palace. This picture was taken with available light at 9:28 PM

Palace Guard
Finally Kenny snapped this one after coaxing one of the palace guards to pose.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Postcards from 66° North (Iceland)

While it was a really long day with the jet-lag, it was a great day in Reykjavik.
Tjornin Lake
This is Tjornin Lake

We walked all over town today for a total of 8.7 miles. We felt like we had to keep moving to stay awake. The weather was cool, ranging from about 45° F to 60° F (what did you expect is it Iceland!) but it was perfect for sight seeing.

The pictures show some of the great sights we saw. We also spent some time relaxing in the Laugardalslaug hot springs pools. They say it is the best cure for jet lag – it sure was refreshing. There was something about the place and the people that made it seem relaxing and somehow connected. Of course Austin was quickly mistaken for an Icelandic native at the pools when a local began to talk to him in his native tongue.

This picture was taken at the National Museum.

The prices are extremely high, so we’re glad we are not staying too long. Imagine the prices in some remote island resort town like Maui then add the weak dollar in the exchange rates. That is what made our buffet breakfast over $30 per person and a single large Pizza from Pizza Hut cost over $50. You get the idea. If the dollar becomes stronger again, this would be a great place to come back and explore.
Reykjavik city center, overlooking Tjornin Lake.

Near the Perlan Saga Museum overlooking the city

The Perlan Saga Museum from the lupine fields

Lief Erickson and the Skolavorduholt church

Shopping for hats.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Preparations & Blog layout changes

I've made a few changes to this page in preparations for the next trip. As you can see the background and color scheme is new, I find the black background helps the pictures stand out a bit more.

I also added a new widget on the right sidebar at the top. It now shows a live picture from the bridge of cruise ship we will be aboard. Notice a few things: The time shown is GMT, not local time aboard the ship - we will be crossing three time zones en route. Here are the offsets:
Iceland = GMT;
Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland = GMT+2 hrs;
Estonia, Finland = GMT + 3 hrs;
Russia (St. Petersburg) = GMT + 4 hrs

Also notice that just because it looks like daylight, doesn't mean it is daytime. I saw some pictures recently that were just after midnight and the sun was coming up! Recall that we will be very far north in the Baltic Sea and the nights will be very short. Also note that sometimes the webcam points off to sea in the direction of travel and other times it points back to the deck.

Right below the webcam from the ship, you'll see a Flickr slide show. These are pictures from my previous travels and other photos. If you click on that image, you'll open a new page showing my Flickr photos. From there you can browse through older photos and make comments too.

Maps and Locations: Below the Blog Archive, you'll see a box with links. One of the links says: Open Google Earth KML File. This will download a special file that is designed to be opened with Google Earth. If you have Google Earth installed, and you open that file, you'll see some of my photos loaded on the map, pinned to their location on the earth.

I may also be adding additional mapping data on the site, such as this one from a previous trip: If I do I will post a new link.

One other option, which shows the location of most of my travel photos on Flickr is to use the Flickr Map link and navigate and zoom the map to see where the pictures are located. This map is based on Yahoo Maps, which may be more familiar if you don't use Google Maps.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Orleans test run

I'm in New Orleans on business and tried to do a test-run of the GPSed software to upload and post some track-logs while walking around. There seemed to be a few glitches in the software or operation that made it almost unusable. Anyway you can see the attempted track log at this link, but since it looks like I went to the North Pole, that is what I named the track-log!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Erie Balloon Festival

We got up before sunrise today to join the crowds watching over 60 hot air balloon launching in nearby Erie Colorado. Here are a few pictures I snapped this morning.
Erie Balloon Fest
(Click either picture to see the larger version on Flickr.)
Erie Balloon Fest
Where is Erie, Colorado? (map)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dark Clouds

Dark Clouds
Originally uploaded by D.Broberg
Not really a travel photo, but I thought the photo was cool and it relates to another blog entry located here:

(Click the photo to see the larger version on Flickr.)