Saturday, June 21, 2008

More on Broberg roots in Småland

We visited both farms of the Magnus Magnusson family in the Älmeboda area. The first was his parent’s Magnus Nilsson (b. Aug 9, 1793) and Anna Kajsa Dunberg’s (b. July 2, 1797) farm of Skräddaremåla Norregård in Älmeboda, Kronoberg, Småland Sweden. The photo above shows the home presently on this farm.
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Boamala Ostergard
We also located the boyhood home of Magnus Magnusson, which is Boamåla Östergård farm in Rävemåla, Kronoberg, Småland Sweden. If you look closely (or go to the enlarged picture on Flickr) you can see the farm name on the sign out front. Again the photo above shows the present day house on this farm. I have no idea if this house is old or new, but the style seems to by typical of the area.
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Magnus left this farm to emigrate to America when he was only 17 years old (May 1853). The photo below shows Magnus much older, probably in the early 1900s.

The photos below show the outside and inside of the local family church in nearby Rävemåla.
Ravemala Church
Ravemala Church interior

We saw many grave stones with Magnusson indicated, some of which were simply marked as “familjegrav”. An example is also shown below.

See additional photos and details on this area in the previous post.


J said...

Looking thru family pictures, found pictures of your Boamala House from 1960's when grandmother and 4 sisters were reunited. Either it is the same house or all Swedish houses look alike :-) Family from Boamala, Almeboda. G-Grandfather a Karl August Magnusson born 1862. Any chance your Magnus is an older brother or older 1/2 brother (women/mothers died young)

Not familiar with how this works so I don't know if you can contact me back

2-Wheeler said...

J, I can't reply directly. Only by posting a follow-up comment.

This house is somewhat unique looking in this area. I suspect we are related, but my Magnus (b.1835) was probably a generation older than your Karl. Magnus was number 9 of 10 brothers and sisters. I suspect one of his brothers or sisters was Karl's parent.

To verify the location, click the photo to be taken to the Flickr page where there is a map. Click on the map to see it larger scale.

If you leave an email I could give you more details.

J said...

Can you relatively quickly delete and email address after I post it?

Anonymous said...

I'm working on my family tree too. I visited my Broberg homestead (which looks a lot like this farm) in the 1980s(They changed their name from Larsson or Jacobson or Johanson to Broberg when they arrived in the US around the 1880s). I think it was Nykil. I'd be glad to send you the picture with my ancestors standing in front of it but I don't know about Flicker...Thanks for sharing your pictures! From a possible long distant cousin....