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Churches of Skäne Sweden

Eljaröd Church Front
Eljaröd Church was the childhood home church of Metta Hansdotter (wife of Anders Olsson), fraternal grandmother of Florence Anderson Broberg. Metta was born Oct 11, 1826 in Onslunda Sweden. Her son Nels Anderson (9 of 11) immigrated to Minnesota in the late 1800s and became Florence’s father.

Onslunda Church

Onslunda Church
is the home church and in the birthplace of Nels Anderson, father of Florence Anderson Broberg and Nels' parents Anders Olsson & Metta Hansdotter. Nels was born Oct 25, 1867.

Heingetorp and Lövestad are the childhood home of Anders Olsson (b. May 21, 1821 grandfather of Florence) and his ancestors before him who were tenant farmers.

Ravlunda Church -2
Ravlunda Church was the home church of Hanna Larsdotter Person (wife of Nels Person). She was born in Ravlunda on Nov 8, 1836. They immigrated to Minnesota around 1870. She was the maternal grandmother of Florence Anderson Broberg.

Ravlunda Church
Ravlunda Church history from local sign:
On 29 May 1749, Carl von Linné and his secretary Olof Söderberg visited Ravlunda, where they spent the night with the Rev. Anders Thornaeus in the latter’s vicarage. Describing the 13th century church at Ravlunda, Linné wrote that it is “situated on a very high ground, surrounded by the most delightful fields sloping down from it on all sides”. All that is left of the 18th-century vicarage is the mid-18th century granite base on which the present building stands. Linné went on to the water’s edge and inspected the “lund” or grove which he noted, “gave Raflunda its name”. Centuries old oaks still shelter this beautiful spot, and you may as Linné did, find pieces of amber on the shore, “hurled up by the sea”.

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