Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Postcards from 66° North (Iceland)

While it was a really long day with the jet-lag, it was a great day in Reykjavik.
Tjornin Lake
This is Tjornin Lake

We walked all over town today for a total of 8.7 miles. We felt like we had to keep moving to stay awake. The weather was cool, ranging from about 45° F to 60° F (what did you expect is it Iceland!) but it was perfect for sight seeing.

The pictures show some of the great sights we saw. We also spent some time relaxing in the Laugardalslaug hot springs pools. They say it is the best cure for jet lag – it sure was refreshing. There was something about the place and the people that made it seem relaxing and somehow connected. Of course Austin was quickly mistaken for an Icelandic native at the pools when a local began to talk to him in his native tongue.

This picture was taken at the National Museum.

The prices are extremely high, so we’re glad we are not staying too long. Imagine the prices in some remote island resort town like Maui then add the weak dollar in the exchange rates. That is what made our buffet breakfast over $30 per person and a single large Pizza from Pizza Hut cost over $50. You get the idea. If the dollar becomes stronger again, this would be a great place to come back and explore.
Reykjavik city center, overlooking Tjornin Lake.

Near the Perlan Saga Museum overlooking the city

The Perlan Saga Museum from the lupine fields

Lief Erickson and the Skolavorduholt church

Shopping for hats.

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