Saturday, May 31, 2008

Copenhagen and Embarkation

We enjoyed our second day in Copenhagen with wonderful weather and more exploration. We first went to see the famous little mermaid statue and was disappointed by the low tide that allowed a mass of tourists to climb up her and pose for pictures. We waited about 20 minutes before I had a clear enough view for this snapshot.

From there we visited the Museum of Danish Resistance. This museum holds artifacts from WWII during Denmark’s captivity by the Nazis and describes the suffering and sabotage techniques used during that period.
Museum of Danish Resistance

Austin became our map reader and guide today as we walked another 10 miles around the old town area and explored some shopping and other famous sights.
map finders

We ended up at the Rosenborg Castle, which is well guarded keeping place for the crown jewels of Denmark. We toured the castle and got a close look at the spectacular crowns and other jewels of the monarchy.
Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Throne Room
This picture above shows the throne room in the castle that was occupied in the 17th century. The picture below shows a closer view of the throne of King Christian IX.
Danish Thrones

Crowns of Denmark
These are some of the close-up photos of the Danish crowns.

Finally, we boarded the Crown Princess and set out for our cruise from Denmark’s harbor. The last photo shows the view of a small ancient fortification in the harbor juxtaposed with the more modern wind turbines and the new bridge to Malmo in the far distance.
Copenhagen harbor

More pictures of Copenhagen are on the Flickr Slideshow.
Click the GPS-track-log to see a map of our walking tour.


Anonymous said...

Hello Brobergs!

The pictures look great and it looks like you are having a great time. The only thing that looked remotely familiar to me was the dark clouds in Colorado. Our skies have looked like that as well. Our tornado sirens went off Monday night as a couple of tornados touched down about 5 miles from here. Thanks for the pictures. Ronda

Tiff and Dave said...

What were you doing posing out on that rock without any clothes. . .. werent you freezing???!! Tiff and Dave

P.s. Wish we were there, it looks like a blast!