Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Web-Tech-101: Adding My Blog to Your Homepage

Do you use my.yahoo.com or www.google.com as your default browser home page? If so you can easily add my blog as a tab or module on your page so you'll never miss a posting or my new pictures. Here is how to do it:

Look on the right hand navigation bar and find the box that starts with "SUBSCRIBE TO" - like the one shown in the top picture above.

When you left-click on the box marked "Posts" it will reveal a drop-down menu like the one shown in the second picture above.

These are your current choices for adding an RSS feed to your home page. Choose the flavor that matches your default search or home page then simply click that button. It should link you to your own page with a permission box that asks you to approve the new content being added to your page. After you confirm that by clicking OK, you'll have a box or tab that shows updates from my Blog. It's that simple!

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