Saturday, April 19, 2008

Double Eagle Days

Becky and I got up this morning just after sunrise for our run up the dirt road. It was a gorgeous spring morning and we saw the White Pelicans in the pond nearby. After we returned, I decided to grab the camera and head back to the pond for a shot of the Pelicans.

Just as we were walking to the pond, a large Bald Eagle flew right toward us. I started fumbling to get the camera ready and snapped a quick shot as he flew by. (Click any picture to see it full sized. )

Then after we took the shot of the Pelicans roosting on the small island of the pond, and I had once again put the camera away the same eagle flew back the other way. Again I quickly tossed the lens cap on the ground, turned the camera back on and snapped one just as he passed behind the trees.

We've seen many eagles over the years here in Colorado, but this was the first time I actually caught one on the camera. A great morning!

Then later this afternoon, we were surprised to see a pair of huge golden eagles soaring in the updrafts right over our house. I grabbed the camera and snapped another shot. It was truly a double-eagle day!

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