Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chugwater, Wyoming (in 3D)

You'll need to find those 3D (red-cyan) glasses to view these images taken in Wyoming recently.
Road-Ready (3D)
We stopped for lunch in Chugwater, WY on our way to Guernsey Lake.

Chugwater Soda Fountain (3D)
This is the historic Chugwater Soda Fountain, which claims the oldest operating soda fountain in all of Wyoming. (How many could there be?)

Lunch at Soda Fountain (3D)
We enjoyed the famous "Chugwater Chili" for lunch. Surprisingly it didn't give us an urge to "chug water".

Oldest Soda Fountain in WY (3D)
The historic soda fountain and Hamilton Beach Drinkmasters still in service.

Main Street, Chugwater Wyoming (3D)
After lunch the weather turned dramatic with low swirling clouds rolling into town.

Chugwater-Tornado (3D)
We chose to wait out the storm and we got to see this tornado while we watched the weather progress. View the video clip below in 2D (no glasses needed):

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