Sunday, March 15, 2009

San Diego snapshots

I snapped a few pictures on the way to my meetings in San Diego last week. I took my stereo camera so I also have these available as 3D. See the links below each picture to view them in 3D with the Red-Cyan 3D glasses.
San Diego Skyline
San Diego Skyline

The Star of India
Star of India in the Shipyard Museum (see 3D version)

Giant Kaleidoscope
Giant Kaleidoscope at San Diego harbor (see 3D version)

The Silver Man of San Diego
The Silver Man of San Diego (see 3D version)

Surf or Swim
La Jolla Beach (see 3D Version)

Dangerous Cliffs
Dangerous Cliffs near Torry Pines (see 3D version)

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