Wednesday, December 17, 2008

98 degrees warmer!

Monday morning Denver set a new record for cold temperatures, -19F! The former record for Dec 15 was -6F. Brrr it was bitter cold and I had to drive to the airport for an early morning flight. The flight was delayed two hours because of frozen fuel lines on the catering trucks. By the time I arrived in Orlando later on Monday it was 98 degrees warmer than it was when I started. How do you dress for that?

Anyway, I took a lunch break from my meetings and took a walk along the beach.
Muffin Beach, Melbourne FL

But don't dare walk on this beach barefoot, unless you keep a look out where you step. I saw dozens of these little blue jellyfish, just washed up on the shore.
Blue Jellyfish (Physalia physalis)
It turns out this is a Portuguese Man o' War and according to the entry in Wikipedia, they are very venomous.

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