Friday, March 14, 2008

My Photos on Google Earth

Have you used Google Earth lately? If you have installed it and have updated to version 4.2 or later, you can now see my photos located on the map in the locations where they were taken.
Here is link to download Google Earth, (it's free!):
Google Earth uses something called KML files (for Keyhole Markup Language). Google says:
"What HTML is to regular Internet browsers, KML is to geographic browsers. You can open KML files in both Google Earth and Google Maps, as well as in many other geographic browsers.
I now have KML files that link to my photos directly from Google Earth or Google Maps. Just click on the link under my weather sticker on the right side of this page that says: Open Google Earth KML File. When asked, open it with Google Earth. Wait for the main satellite images to load according to the progress bar at the bottom of the screen. Once they have, you should see some small square photos on the earth. (Most of them will be in Colorado.) Zoom in using the regular Google Earth navigation and you'll be able to see exactly where the photos were taken. If you click on the thumb-nail photo, it will open a larger window with the photo that says "Panoramio" at the top.

(Thumnails of my photos from the KML files)

If you download the KML file directly from this site, you can see all the photos that I have submitted to Panoramio. Once Panoramio approves the photos, they will show up in everyone's Google Earth view automatically - no need to download. However in that case you'll see EVERYONE's photos, and finding mine may be difficult.
Here is an on-screen snap showing how to activate the Panoramio photo layer inside of Google Earth. Click it on to see everyone's photos, click it off and use the KML download to see just my photos.

Edit April 9th: A simpler way to see my photos on Google Earth is to simply go to the top of the left navigation bar and find My Places, then right-click and select Add > Network Link... Name the link 2-Wheeler's photos or something you'll remember, then add this link as the Link:
Make sure the check-box is ticked and everytime you open Google Earth, it will automatically show any new pictures I've geotagged and placed on Panoramio. That's it, no manual downloading needed.

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